Training: Your Dog’s Life Insurance Policy

Training the family dog to the minimum is standard is an absolute. Having a trained dog makes life so much easier for you and or your family and of course, your dog. Training is the easiest lifesaving activity you can engage in with your furry friend.

The consumption of non-dog friendly items causes much angst for many dog owners.  Household items such as clothing and food and the endless list of food and non-food items encountered on a walk or out for a park romp are just too good for a dog to resist and can cause much unwanted and unnecessary stress.  Training can help eliminate this worry.

Another negative event we hear too much about in the community of dog people is lost or stolen dogs. “I was not paying attention and Spike just bolted out of the door … or yard or car”.  And now Spike is lost, panicked, scared and stressed. The owner(s) of the dog are worried sick too! Who knows where Spike is, what he is experiencing and what will happen to him.  Thankfully, due to advances in technology like micro-chipping, GPS tracking and social media, more pets get reunited with their families than ever before.

An unthinkable event for a dog and family: getting hit by a car. This is an occurrence that happens with far too much frequency. Not only is this a traumatic event for the owners of the dog, it is a terrible experience for the person driving the vehicle who, unfortunately, in many cases, takes the blame for such a misfortune.  This scenario can easily be avoided with training, the life insurance policy for your dog.

How can we reduce the risk of the above from happening? The answer is simple: training.

Training your dog will take time and plenty of patience and repetition, but the payoff is priceless. Having your dog under controlled and trained will give you a lifetime of worry free fun with your amazing dog.

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