Here are some testimonials from our clients.

Feel free to get in touch and we will give you the contact details of them so you can verify your dog is in the right hands.  We have included both training and walking clients.


Walking Clients

“Scott has been taking Bonnie for walks and our pup loves it. She hears the key in the door and gets very excited to see Scott and Grace to go for their time in the park. Scott has been reliable and always on time for pick-ups and drop-offs since taking Bonnie.”  – Marilyn C.


“We know when Lucy has been out with Scott and Grace because when we come home Lucy does not even get up to greet us and when she does it is to say hello, eat and go back to sleep. This is so much better than having a big dog in the house with unspent energy.” – Jeff and Ann


“I have left Otis my Doberman with Scott several times on short notice. Not only is Scott flexible and easy to deal with but I feel comfortable with him knowing my dog is in good hands. He looks after my Otis as if he was his very own.”  – Dan


“My schedule had changed for a while and I needed short-term help to get my dogs out in the morning Scott was recommended to me by one of his clients and I am glad. Scott did everything he could to accommodate me and my dogs and even took them out on Sundays at 6AM! That’s dedication.”  – Lynda


Training clients


“I have known Scott for a long time and he has always helped me out with my pups whenever needed. Whether it has been for walks, boarding or training tips and advice, Scott always delivers. My dogs have always been powerful breeds. The level of experience Scott has with power breeds like Dobermans and and Bullys gives me confidence my pups are in good hands.”   – Dave


“I rescued my Great Dane Tyson and he was a handful to manage. I was pulled all over the park and had zero control. One day while Tyson was going where he wanted to go I met Scott by chance. We chatted and I decided to book Scott and Grace for some training. Over the course of our training, I had a different dog. Scott’s approach is practical and makes complete sense. Scott explained to me how my dog works and what to expect from a Great Dane. Tyson is now calm in any situation and I love that I can take him anywhere.” – Michael


“When we got our first dog we had no idea what to do and as a result we could not keep the dog. Sometime later we decided to get another dog and do things differently. We researched different types of dogs and characteristics and decided on a Newfoundland. We now realized training is key. We read books, looked up information on line and watched some good television programs on the subject. None of this seemed to work for us and our dog. I saw Scott and Grace in a park several times. It is hard not to notice that Grace is not on a leash and does not even wear a collar! One day we had a conversation about training and a few days later we had our first session. Scott coached me how to help my dog be the dog we wanted. Our dog has been transformed. He now comes when called, does not leash-pull and has stopped barking at the door. We have the dog we want thanks to Scott and Grace.” – Oscar



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