Dog Training

Our Comprehensive Training Program covers how to introduce structure, rules and boundaries to help you get the dog you want.

At FunDog we believe the education and management of your dog is an ongoing, evolving holistic process and above all, it should be fun.  Please see the Canine Ecosystem for a better understanding of our fundamental approach to working with you and your dog.  We are more than helping you with  the basics of sit, stay, down, come when I call you and don’t pull on the leash.  We help our human clients understand how their dogs think, what their dog needs are and why they do what they do what they do.

*Prices do not include HST

Single 90 minute session: This session is for dogs that need some fine tuning and coaching or refresh training. This session is 90+ minutes in duration.  Price: $99

Two Session Package: Covers the basics of educating and managing your dog.  We cover the fundamentals of helping your dog understand structure and rules and help you learn to communicate to and better understand your dog. Each session is 60+ min in duration. Price: $149

5 Session Package:  This comprehensive five session program covers helping our dog understand what owners expect of them by introducing structure, rules, boundaries and limitations for both indoors and outside.  It will also cover any specific behavioural issues such as lunging, constant barking, jumping on people, aggression towards humans in any form.  Each session is 60+ minutes in duration. Price: $349

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Dog on a leash with trainer